Mainz: The Golden City

Blick von der ChristuskircheThe Romans and the French both left their mark. People later called it the "Golden City" - just like Jerusalem, Prague and Rome. For many centuries its archbishops and prince-electors were amongst the most important rulers in the heart of Europe, the symbol of their power, the mighty cathedral, still standing after a thousand years.

But there is more to Mainz than its past. Located on the river Rhine, one of the busiest rivers in the world, the city lies in the middle of a huge wine-growing area. Wine-drinkers are said to be gregarious people: no wonder then, that Mainz is famous for its carnival season early in the year.

In modern times, Mainz is home to the parliament and the prime minister of the German state of Rhineland-Palatinate as well as to one of the largest TV stations in Europe. But it has also preserved a small, but charming old town, full of winding alleys and beautifully crafted half-timbered houses. And there once lived a man in Mainz whose invention changed the whole world for ever: Johannes Gutenberg.

So how about an entertaining introductory stroll through one of the oldest towns of Germany?


All year long: Saturday, 14 p.m.

Meeting Point

Tourist Service Center (close to the City Hall)


2 hours.

Fees and BookingTourist Service Center

  • Cost: € 10 per person.
  • Reservation: Not necessary.
  • Booking: This tour can also be arranged individually with the Tourist Service Center online or via phone +49 (0)6131 2428-27. Fee for two hours in english language: € 115. Max. group size: 25.